Live Your Vision

Live Your Vision

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Live Your Vision is a playful & practical little buddy designed to help you reignite your vision, inspire possibility and create the momentum to make good things happen.

You will be guided through three step-by-step sections, each helping to tap into the imagination, gain invaluable insights and unlock answers to the questions going around in your head – What am I doing? Where am I going? What’s it all about? What do I really want? It's part workbook, part inspiration.

Section one: Define it

Is packed with brainstorming activities prompting the mind to wander and fire up the creative juices that open the doors to possibility and hope.

Section two: Grow it

Builds the backbone to a sustainable vision and offers 21 simple productivity strategies to support the new habits needed to head in the right direction.

Section three: Own it

Recognises the importance of choice and personal accountability in order to move forward with confidence and certainty.


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