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Coaching Services

Did you know coaching is one of the most successful ways to influence and embed change? Coaching is widely recognised as a practical and efficient way to create transformation, boost performance and increase effectiveness. Coaching provides a platform to explore and assess needs, challenge current ways of thinking, create new opportunities and close the gap between where you are and where you ultimately want to be. 

Some of the benefits of coaching:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs, distractions and barriers 
  • Explore strengths, provide feedback and highlight development needs 
  • Examine current strategies around what is and isn’t working
  • Change unsupportive thinking and behaviours
  • Enhance personal leadership and effectiveness

  • Improve relationships and interpersonal skills
  • Greater creativity and problem solving skills
  • Better decision making and use of time
  • Help drive focus and accountability for faster, focused results
  • Make better decisions and become action oriented
  • Improve performance and effectiveness
  • Improve goal setting for meaningful results
  • Action and results oriented
  • Promotes growth and wellbeing.

Who is coaching for:

Individuals wanting to:

  • Improve effectiveness and performance
  • Fast track results
  • Explore natural abilities and development opportunities
  • Communicate and lead (self/others) more effectively
  • Gain greater work and life satisfaction.

Employers wanting to:

  • Develop high potential employees
  • Manage poor performance
  • Support new recruits
  • Improve results and overall effectiveness
  • Increase employee and workplace engagement.

How it works:

  • Coaching sessions are determined on the needs of the individual, group or business making it a unique and customised experience
  • Needs and frequency are discussed during the initial consultation.

Personal leadership and effectiveness

TAKE THE LEAD is a complete personal leadership and effectiveness program, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. The program is delivered through either standalone modules, or as part of a larger program, which can be run in full day and half day session formats.

Topics and themes include:

  • Leadership identidy and personal impact
  • The power of positive communication
  • Personal power and effectiveness
  • Resilience in the workplace
  • Living your personal best

Participants will learn how to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of what makes them tick
  • Make decisions that are congruent with their values
  • Effectively manage and lead themselves
  • Build healthy and productive relationships
  • Reduce the need to be motivated by external factors
  • Adopt qualities associated with leadership
  • Develop a compelling and authentic personal brand
  • Understand and manage their thoughts, behaviours and emotions
  • Set clear and focused goals that excite and motivate
  • Communicate with confidence 
  • Influence any audience
  • Make key decisions with greater clarity and certainty  
  • Increase overall effectiveness in life and work.

Clients will be presented with a proposal, taking into account the specific requirements and challenges of the business, following the initial consultation.

Bite size learning

A series of 1 - 2 hour sessions delivered as standalone modules or as part of a customised learning pathway.

  • Managing your career 
  • Managing pressure
  • Getting your life balanced
  • Living your personal best
  • Resilience in the workplace
  • Assertiveness and influence
  • Positive communication and presence
  • Managing your personal brand


Have something else in mind? Tell us what you have in mind and we'll let you know if we can help tailor something to suit your business and strategic needs. 

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