The Life Habit 12 Week Challenge


#thelifehabitchallenge is made up of weekly missions and personal quests prompting you to explore the way you engage with your world and encourages you to tap into life’s possibilities and take on each day with renewed gusto. If you want to win at life, you've got to take an active part in your life. 

Here's the thing ... you will get 525,600 life minutes in 2017. If you are lucky. I hope you will use your precious minutes deliberately and wisely by doing less of what saps your energy and more of what makes you come alive. 

#thelifehabitchallenge focuses on incremental improvements and will help you:

  • Question your choices
  • Do things differently
  • Start owning what you want
  • Stretch how far you can go
  • Act with focus and intention
  • Improve your self direction skills
  • Increase motivation and energy
  • Practice a daily mindfulness routine with ease.

I believe we only get one shot at this life and I want to stretch myself to grow in new and interesting ways. I wish the same for you and hope you will join me.

How it works

#thelifehabitchallenge will launch 1 March 2017. That means you will receive your very first challenge on the 1st and once a week thereafter. 

  • Open & read it - it will be waiting for you in your inbox
  • Take action - implement and make adjustments as you go
  • Journal as you go - capture your thoughts and ideas
  • Reflect during the week - practicing regular reflection promotes a growth mindset
  • Connect - share your progress and learnings with the broader community

Upon signing up, you are invited to join the private #thelifehabitchallenge Facebook group. I encourage you to participate because shared learnings are a great way to consolidate your own learnings and it's also a fun way to connect with likeminded people. 

Join me

Please enter your full name and email address to join #thelifehabitchallenge in 2017. Providing your full name helps to ensure only genuine people join our private Facebook group.


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