Monday Mantra: I will do something with today

Monday Mantra

A life well lived begins today. Now.

Have you ever tuned in to the birth of a new day? To the smell of the earth and air and possibility. To the sound of immaculate silence punctuated delightfully by the chorus of birds. To the awe of dawn breaking and inhalation of new life. When everything is light and fresh again.

The slate is clean and anything is conceivable - believable again.

The day is anything you want it to be. You just have to show up and be attentive to the finite amount of time before you.

Believe me it's harder than it sounds. But I don't want to wake up ten years from now and realise I've settled for a secondhand life.

I don't want to wake up with the regret of knowing I never pursued my dreams and aspirations, or said I love you enough, or didn't make quality time for family and friends because I worked or worried too much. I don't want to wake up knowing I did not have the courage to live truthfully and speak my mind.

I don't want to come to the end of my days to realise I always had the choice to be happy in some way every day. And so I remind myself, I will do something with today - with this day. 

Today I will focus on what is important and not allow myself to get caught up in someone else's urgencies. 

I will focus on the doing the absolute best possible work I can here and now. 

I will focus on treating people with kindness and respect. 

I will trust my heart and gut. 

I will do something with today that my future self will thank me for. 

What will you do with today?

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