Make your choices count

make your choices count

Dare yourself to go beyond where you've gone before if you want to do something remarkable with your year.

As the glitter and fanfare of New Year’s festivities fade and the promise of champagne prompted resolutions wane, it's time to get real about your intentions for 2016. 

Setting a clear and compelling intention for your year will help you establish the standards by which you choose to experience life, and set the tone for who you want to be, what you want to learn and do and how you want to feel. Because as you know it’s easy to get consumed by someone else's demands and get lost drifting from one distraction to the next. 

Here's my go-to-guide for staying on purpose over the next 366 days (It's a leap year after all):

My personal intention for 2016 ... make your choices count

It means a devotion to the things that matter to me and acting from a place of uncompromising integrity. It's getting real about my everyday choices. Every day. It's simplifying and doing more with less because excess waste hurts everyone. It's being deliberate with how and where I spend time, energy and money. It's saying yes to the people and work that feeds my soul and not becoming less for others to be comfortable. It's speaking from the truest part of myself and encouraging others to do the same. It's quality time spent connecting with family, friends, nature and something bigger than myself. It's doing my best to live better, smarter, now, knowing that now is the key to a full, lived-in life. 

My daily non-negotiables for 2016

  • Create - content, courses and workshops to help people create a life + body of work they're proud of 
  • Exercise - even when I couldn't be arsed and come up with oscar worthy excuses
  • Get snappy - capture a year of my life in photos

My daily reflective questions for 2016

  • Did I do what I love?
  • Did I love being around the people I was with?
  • Did I contribute?
  • Did I love fully?
  • Did I offer myself to life?
  • Did I honour my intent?
  • What will I do differently?

This speaks to me. It feels good. It feels right.

I hope you create something that will resonate with you and lead you through the year to reach dizzying, dazzling new heights.

Go on dare yourself to be remarkable in 2016.

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