Links I love: 30.09.15

links i love september

Brush up on your influencing skills with these 12 communications habits that made this former Hooters hostess a billion dollar president at 32.

Want to live in the moment? Famous writers on the creative benefits of keeping a diary.

Have you ever wondered what the inside an artist's bedroom looks like? Step inside the homes of famous artists who live with art. (Love!)

Rethinking leadership for women: 5 ways to improve self-awareness.

Maggie has tattoos she's been hiding from her parents for 10 years. This American Life made a short video to help her tell her them. 

Want more consistency? Try these 5 simple strategies

Which one of these is holding you back? 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions.

What do you do to create joy in your space? Nourishing rituals in the home.

A brilliant public service. A California moving company will move domestic abuse victims at no cost.

Thinking of going global with your business? 22 growth hacks & resources for international expansion

RIP Scott Dinsmore In memory of a man living his legend.

Pursue your dreams at any age. The woman who climbed to Mount Everest basecamp at age 84.

How to love your work... even when you don't love your work.

How many of these do you say every day, without knowing how they affect the way others perceive you? 17 things you should never say if you want to be taken seriously (Like, OMG!)

One for the bucket list 20 epic hiking trails around the world.

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