Monday mantra: Whatever it takes

whatever it takes

Hard is not a reason. And it's certainly not a good enough motive to stop, quit, or give up.

Life is full of interruptions and adversities to be overcome. 

Yes, some days will feel like a drawn out comedy of errors, yet things will still seem rational and manageable - even though you might wish you had just stayed in bed. Or had a reset button to start over. 

Yes, other days will threaten to throw you off course and plunge you into varying depths of darkness, despite your best plans and efforts – and you will struggle just to drag yourself out of bed. And no amount of Shake It Off sing-a-alongs will perk you up. 

Sometimes stuff happens and there’s no way around it. It comes on unplanned, unseen and might be completely unavoidable. 

But hard should never be a reason to give up.

When the proverbial hits the fan, it means it's time to dig deeper. And the only way you are guaranteed to dig as deep as you need is to remember WHY you started. What was the goal, the big vision, the wild aspiration?

WHY did you start in the first place? Is where you are going and what you hoped to achieve still important to you?

If at any point you find yourself saying no, stop what you are doing. It's ok to change your mind. Learn to invest your precious time, energy and attention on things that matter to you and move you closer to your true vision and mission.

When you can reconnect with your WHY with both your heart + mind, you will find yourself tapping into fresh reserves of resilience, tenacity and creativity you never knew you had. 

This week, dig deeper, get your hustle on, go the extra mile, do whatever it takes to close the gap between where you want to be and where you are today.

Before you go, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear how you'll keep pushing on.