Monday mantra: Vive ut vivas

Live life to the fullest. (Easier said than done, sometimes.)

It's difficult to live a full, moving and memorable life if you’re constantly fussing over the need to be richer, prettier, skinnier, taller, shorter, smaller, bigger, smarter, sexier, friendlier, funnier, more confident, more successful. 

And who hasn't wanted the exact opposite of what life and DNA dealt them at one time or another?

But the more you listen to that irritating voice inside your head, the further you move away from your dreams and self-worth, and the more distance you put between you and your potential, the vaster the gap between you and a well-lived life.

You have everything you need to start living life to the fullest right now. 

You just need to start believing it. 

Ask yourself what would a truly great life look like ... who would you be and what would you be doing?

Let that be your guide. Vive ut vivas.

Before you go, how can you start living life more fully? Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.