Links I love: 29.06.15

links i love june

Own your history. Write a brave new ending.

If you’ve been touched by cancer or you’ve been blessed to have an animal friend in your life, you’ll want to watch this 7 minute film. A best friend says goodbye.

What our love affair with fast and disposable fashion is costing us. The Real Cost documentary is heartbreaking and eye-opening. A must-see if you value human life and the environment. Really.

Unique, solid habits you can adopt in your life and business that can have a game-changing impact. 7 insanely productive habits of successful young entrepreneurs.

Make someone's day. Say, I'm proud of you.

Living an abundant life derives from traveling a journey of intentional self growth. 5 simple ways to live an abundant life through self simplicity.

Want to know what you will regret most at the end of your life? Top 10 regrets of those about to die (another cool infographic).

Not great at math or languages? Good thing there are seven other ways to strengthen your intelligence.

How to explain a company's mission, history, and culture to new employees. Take a peek inside Facebook's little red book.

Can you rewire your brain? This nifty infographic is a great introduction to neuroplasticity and cognitive therapy

What can be learned from highly creative types? Creative people tend to share the following 10 traits.

Take control of your digital identity. Why you should google yourself now

Do you recognise your own story amongst these strangers? Humans of New York.

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