Why not you? Why not now?

You will never have more time than you do right now.

I think it’s easy to forget that we’ve each been given a unique albeit enigmatic time bank.

And it is constantly ticking.

Counting down years, hours, minutes and seconds without pausing for bad moods, shitty jobs, the perfect conditions or dispassionate indifference, whilst we get further disconnected from our highest hopes and wildest ambitions, through an endless stream of superficial distractions enticing our over stimulated senses.

We forget how it is to live fully as we run from one appointment to the next, adding to our unending list of demands, commitments and to-do’s.

We neglect our deepest desires and suppress our sweetest dreams because we’re too busy working in mediocre jobs to pay off outrageous mortgages and keep up with inflated standards of living, yet those living standards don’t seem to be improving for many.

We forget that time is limited and regret brings with it the severest of stings. 

Do you know what most people regret at the end of their days? Palliative care worker and author, Bronnie Ware, spent years tending to the needs of the dying and recounts the following as some of the greatest and most common regrets:

  • I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  • I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  • I wish I’d have the courage to express my feelings.
  • I should have made more time for friends.
  • I wish I let myself be happier.
  • I never pursued my dreams and aspirations.
  • I worked too much and never made time for my family.
  • I should have said I love you more.
  • I should have spoken my mind instead of holding back and resenting things.
  • Happiness is a choice, I wish I knew that earlier. 

The only way to lessen that regret is to try and live the best, most satisfying life you can.

Not one where you get to do everything you ever wanted - I don’t think that’s really all that realistic - but one where you devote yourself to doing as much of the things that matter to you most.

It’s still not too late to create the life you want and become the person you dream of being.

If you’ve forgotten who that person is, invest your precious time in figuring out who you want to be, how deeply you want to feel, what you want to do and see and know, and what kind of experiences you want to create for yourself and those around you.

The only limit to what you can do and who you can be is the limit you put on yourself. (You know that.)

I’ve seen people leave hard fought corporate jobs behind with their fat salaries and enviable bonus schemes to become students, art therapists, primary school teachers, fitness instructors, full-time bloggers, coffee afficianados, organic farmers and digital nomads.

Some have even moved cities, states and countries in pursuit of a simpler, more meaningful existence. 

It’s inspiring. It’s liberating. It could be you. 

Why not you? Why not now?

Don't let your big ideas die inside you waiting for the perfect conditions. Start now or regret it later. Go on, go change the world, or at least try and do something remarkable.

My tip: Create a big, bright and brave vision for your life. Be deliberate with your time by focusing on high-value activities that move you closer to your vision. And dedicate time for love, adventure and play, always.

Because it’s already later than you think, my friend.