Monday mantra: I am enough, I have enough


What is enough, anyway?

It's easy to get caught up in thinking you don't have enough, aren't enough and might never be enough when you're feeling fragile, lost, or low. 

I had a setback recently and caught myself uttering these words - I am enough, I have enough - as I contemplated throwing in the proverbial towel. It was my coping mechanism kicking in as the rest of me insisted on feeling sorry for myself.

I know things don't always go to plan, no matter how well laid that plan is and every so often something happens that's guaranteed to throw you off your game. My tip: don't make any major decisions during these bouts of self-doubt. Give yourself a break by taking an actual break and strive to be kind to your mind. 

I allowed myself to switch off completely and take pleasure in the simple things I enjoy - a couple of trips to the cinema, discovering new music and just hanging out with my favourite people. And slowly that sinking feeling in my heart evaporated. 

Know that you have all the resources you need to get through the obstacles that come your way. Because you are more than enough and you have more than enough to do everything you need to do. And want to do. Please don't forget that.

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