Monday mantra: Strive for progress, not perfection

blog_progress not perfection.jpeg

Perfection is a mystical creature. An illusion.  

It's a short-lived phenomenon. It’s a moment here, a moment there and often appreciated in hindsight.

To pursue it relentlessly is to sabotage your growth and progress.

Think about a time when you were caught up in doing the perfect job or being the perfect person, chances are you didn’t get very far. That’s because perfection has a knack for breeding procrastination and leaving you productively paralysed. No doubt, the exact opposite of your original intention. 

Focus on doing the best work you can today. No matter the circumstances.

Today your best work could simply be clearing out your inbox, or making that one call, or writing 50 words instead of struggling with a whole article, or it could be committing to complete that one important task, to finish your presentation, or your sales forecast, or perhaps it's going for a 10-minute power walk instead of being turned off by going to the gym altogether, or maybe it's trying that one pull-up again. 

Whatever your best work means to you today, do it. And then repeat the process tomorrow.

Always make room for small daily improvements that keep you moving forward, towards bigger goals.

And always strive for progress, not perfection. 

You'll get further every time.

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