101 easy ways to upgrade your quality of life

101 ways to upgrade your life

When was the last time you did something for someone else without expecting anything in return? When was the last time you took a nap? Got a health check? Or reviewed your life goals?

You don't have to move mountains or make sacrificial promises you know you won't keep in order to rekindle the love affair with your life and embrace the everyday practices of living well.

Here are 101 easy ways to upgrade your quality of life:

  1. Treat each day as a new opportunity to do better than yesterday
  2. Don’t settle on mediocre choices
  3. Ask for what you want (people aren’t mind readers)
  4. Be curious and question everything
  5. Love what you do or keep looking for what you love
  6. Accept there are no guarantees and do it anyway
  7. Be a self starter, knowing you can always rely on yourself
  8. Start before you are ready
  9. Love openly, deeply and fully
  10. Be guided by your vision and values
  11. Learn one new skill every year
  12. Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  13. Make others feel comfortable
  14. Curb the need for urgency
  15. Create the space you need for change
  16. Disconnect to reconnect (with everything)
  17. Set aside time to do something fun every week
  18. Review your goals and priorities every day
  19. Have something to look forward to (something short term, something long term)
  20. Give ONE thing your full attention at a time
  21. Let your mistakes be a teacher
  22. If it wont matter in a year don’t let it consume you now
  23. Drop the need to always be right
  24. Ditch the diet and eat sensibly most of the time
  25. Dream really big and be prepared to work for it
  26. Find your purpose
  27. Find your mission so you can stand for something
  28. Create goals that excite and motivate you
  29. Make small and steady changes
  30. Take responsibility for everything you say and do
  31. The world is a small place, be nicer to people
  32. Learn the rules and then break them
  33. Read every day
  34. Do more than people expect from you
  35. Accept that not everyone wants what you want
  36. Be the type of person you want to meet
  37. Never stop dreaming or believing
  38. Take more naps
  39. Have faith in something bigger than self
  40. Create epic shit
  41. Keep working when others have stopped
  42. Try something new every month
  43. You have two ears and one mouth, use accordingly
  44. Create one money free day every week
  45. Let people know when they’ve done something great
  46. Seek out teachers and role models that will help you grow
  47. Write down three things you’re grateful for each day
  48. Spend more time with family and friends
  49. Go to a cultural event once a month
  50. Volunteer more
  51. Let someone else give the stuff you no longer need a new life
  52. Create a bucket list and take action
  53. Take care of your appearance
  54. Commit to your growth and invest in development activities 3-4 times a year
  55. Call out bad behaviour (there is so much around)
  56. Do one thing every day that moves you closer to your goals
  57. Tell your loved ones that you love them
  58. Practice kindness and compassion (don’t just talk about it)
  59. Be happy with what you have right now
  60. Stop being beige, you either will, or you won’t
  61. Look at the positives and zap the negatives
  62. Learn to trust your instincts
  63. Be genuine, people can detect bullshit
  64. Send thank you notes to friends and people you admire (via snail mail)
  65. Don’t let success go to your head
  66. Accept compliments and constructive feedback gracefully
  67. Don’t worry what others are doing, do what’s right for you
  68. Educate people on how they should treat you
  69. Push yourself past what seems possible, or even reasonable
  70. Let go of what you think you know
  71. Always look at the bigger picture
  72. Don’t let the odds sway you or keep you from what you want
  73. Follow through and finish what you start 
  74. Recognise people and feelings change (get good with that)
  75. Be done with each day so you can move freely to the next
  76. Pay closer attention to the world going on around you
  77. Sometimes letting go is the only thing worth doing
  78. Act with generous intention
  79. You’re problems aren’t unique, ask for help
  80. Slow down
  81. Stay away from office politics
  82. Invest energy on the people who want to be in your life
  83. Try not to waste too many days
  84. Practice making many decisions so when the big ones come, they won’t seem so scary
  85. Start a side project
  86. There is time for everything, just not all at once
  87. Learn more about the people you work with
  88. Use your limited time wisely and be more organised
  89. Stop jumping to conclusions
  90. You have a voice so use it
  91. Talk it out (or hug it out) before it becomes a major conflict
  92. Do more scary stuff, it’s usually the most worthwhile stuff
  93. Learn to love what you see in the mirror
  94. Reconnect with nature
  95. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh
  96. Say what you mean and mean what you say
  97. Identify your stress triggers and work out how to manage them
  98. Learn to meditate
  99. Get regular health checks
  100. Learn to give and not expect anything in return
  101. Be clear on why you want what you want (clarity is super sexy and powerful).

How can you upgrade the quality of your life? Pick 2-3 things you can work on consistently for a period of time, that will make the biggest difference and have the greatest impact on your life. Once it feels like second nature, move onto any other things you would like to improve on.

Practice being deliberate (and generous) in everything you say and do and you will notice positive shifts in your results, attitude and the response you get from others.

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