Monday mantra: Feel the fear and do it anyway

feel the fear and do it anyway

Fear is universal. It's inescapable. It's normal. 

Fear is a funny thing. It can keep us safe, comfortable and small. It can cripple our hopes and aspirations. And it can drive us to achieve extraordinary greatness. 

We've all been there on some level. We've used fear to hold us back or catapult us forward screaming fuck it, loudly or woozily, along the way.

Most of us will go back there to visit form time to time and a few of us will check-in for extended periods for one reason or another. Did you know there are three major fears that apply to us all?

They're often referred to as universal fears. They are:

  • Fear of not being good enough. 
  • Fear of not belonging. 
  • Fear of not being loved.

Too often, I have seen the profound and painful mark fear leaves on people as it distorts and slowly eats away at their perception of reality. I have heard it in their words and in their voice. I have felt it in their choices and experienced that fear shape their every action - and inaction.

Here are 13 ways to shake up your fears: 

  1. Be willing to look silly. Life is way too short to take yourself so seriously.
  2. Adopt a growth mindset. Resilience and flexibility promote growth and real progress.
  3. Keep things in perspective. Shift your focus and you will shift your results.
  4. Let go of the need to control everything. You're a speck in the universe, remember that.
  5. Let go of the need to always be right. Get over yourself, fast.
  6. Think about the absolute worse case scenario. You’ll realise life goes on.
  7. Learn to be still. Practice being mindful moment to moment.
  8. Try new things. Stretch yourself. Create little adventures. Make room for fun.
  9. Continue learning. For as long as you are alive, be open to everything.
  10. Fail fast. You will fail so fail fast. Get up and keep marching.
  11. Share your fears. Thrash it out with someone who’s been there, or someone you trust. 
  12. Take away the emotion - so you can examine your decisions and make adjustments.
  13. Just do it - Nike was onto something.

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