5 ways to tweak what you’re doing to get a better outcome


Never underestimate the power of a little fine-tuning.

It's a lot easier to make a smart tweak here and a smart tweak there to improve your outcome and overall results than it is to try and go too big, too soon, particularly if you want to create significant and sustainable changes longer-term. 

Look to your current situation, perhaps you have a problem you've been spinning around in your head for days now, or you are working on a project that needs a fresh injection of creativity, or maybe you just need to get started, no matter what, find ONE thing you can and will fine-tune. 

Keep adjusting until you find what feels smart and works. 

If you are still not sure where to start, here are 5 ways to tweak what you're doing to get a better outcome:

1. Shift your viewpoint

When you approach obstacles and problems from different angles you increase the odds of figuring out fresh creative solutions and opening up possibilities for new avenues of action. Try thinking of a mentor or someone you admire and ask yourself what they would do in your situation. E.g. what would mum do? What would Richard Branson do? What would Oprah do? What would someone with nothing/everything to lose do? 

2. Challenge conventional thinking

Don't be a lazy, sluggish thinker. Be willing to confront conformist viewpoints. Be curious. Challenge the status quo and yourself. Don't be afraid to ask: what if we could? What if I could? Why? Why not?  What now? If not now, when? And, then? Think about how an innovator, or disrupter would approach the situation and how you can take on some of their attitude and self-belief. 

3. Break free from your comfort zone, often.

Try new things in random bursts of unexpectedness to shock your sleepy senses. Say yes to everything that gets your heart racing or to every request that comes your way for a day, a week, a month (keep it legal and ethical). Put your work out there. Meet one new person every week. Find the stuff that scares the shit out of you and do it. Don’t dwell on the how, just jump. You'll find your wings on the way down. 

4. Identify what is not working for you.

Recognise what is not going to plan and brainstorm what could be done to change the situation. Forget what you think is and is not possible. Introduce blue sky thinking into your process, suspend reality, pretend anything is doable. Then pick the one idea you love the most and can do to in the next 24 hours (you must be able to implement quickly) and do it. It's a great way to create new energy and focus.

5. Identify what is working for you.

On the flip side, acknowledge what is working for you and how you are improving as a human being and do more of that. Look at the areas of your work that come easy to you and where you are making the greatest progress. Identify what it is you are specifically doing, how you are doing it, who you are being when you are doing it and look to replicate those successful strategies.

What tweak will you commit to doing in the next 24? If you aren't prepared to do something in the next 24 hours, then when?

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