Monday mantra: I am ready to receive exactly what I need

i am ready

Do you believe words have the power to charge your thoughts and actions?

A mantra is a short, powerful and uplifting statement that helps you centre your heart + mind and focus your energies on creating a better day, a better performance or specific outcome. 

A mantra can be transformative. It can be healing. Empowering. Or a good kick up the ass.

I fell in love with these words the first time I heard the delightful and ever inspiring Alexandra Franzen speak them - I am ready to receive exactly what I need, or something better. Surprise me. 

I'll let you decide what they mean to you.

I will be sharing with you a new mantra each Monday and hope you will share some of your favourites. Because you never know who you will light up and lift when they need it most. 

Please share the love - like it, share it with a friend and leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!