7 questions to ask yourself before you quit your job

7 questions to ask before you quit your job

Do you daydream about quitting your job and doing something more rewarding and meaningful with your time? What are you waiting for?

People leave jobs for all sorts of reasons.

Some are ready for new challenges and opportunities. Some are exhausted by ongoing politics, poor culture and insufferable management. Some feel unsupported and are constantly being asked to do so much more with so much less.

Some are fatigued by long commutes and the unrelenting daily grind. Some want to be their own boss. And others yearn to do something more meaningful with their lives but aren't always sure what.

But fear can make fools of us all and keep us in neutral mode for years. 

How much longer will you tolerate more of the same? If you aren't prepared to do something about your situation then everything will remain exactly as it is. As you know.

If you are committed to moving on, consider getting yourself flight ready - before you need to take flight - and you'll be in a much better place when you're ready to fly the coop.

Here are the best 7 questions to ask yourself before you quit your job:

Question 1. What am I unhappy about?

What about your situation is unfulfilling? Is it the work, the environment or the people? Do you feel like something is missing? Do you need more passion/time/freedom? Or is it something else? Be prepared to question your motives. Dig deep and look for the root cause of your unhappiness. When you have a strong sense of awareness and self it becomes much easier to back yourself and make decisions with confidence.

 Question 2. What are my options?

Can you talk to your manager and negotiate changes? Are you interested in pursuing an internal transfer or promotion? Can you look for alternative work while you are still there (this will test your commitment)? How can you take advantage of your annual leave until you figure out your next move? Before you throw in the towel for good consider your options so you can make the best choice possible - by you, for you.

Question 3. Can I afford to quit?

What is your financial back up plan? How long can you survive without an income? 12 months? 6 months? 2 weeks? If you are living from pay-to-pay now, how will you manage? Perhaps the better question to ask yourself is when can you afford to quit. Devise a simple savings plan (i.e. put away a fixed non-negotiable amount of money with each pay) and start to invest in the future you want to create.

Question 4. What do I want to do instead?

Imagine, today you walk into your manager's office and hand in your resignation with a satisfying twinkle in your eye. What then? What if you don't know yet? Consider a vision makeover, or find a way to challenge your daily choices so you create a clear picture of what you want to do instead of what you are doing now. Work with a life coach (shameless plug, me) to iron out the kinks. It's important to replace what's gone i.e. your job, with something new you are enthusiastic about.

Question 5. What things will I need to give up on in the short-term?

What needs to change to support your decision to quit? Do you need to curb your spending habits? Make a list of everything you spend your money on each month and identify what is an essential expense versus a nice to have. Look for ways you can cut back on non-essentials such as eating out (try once a month instead of once a week), buying new clothes (channel your inner stylist and create fresh looks with exiting pieces) and entertainment. Be brutal in the short-term for long-term gain. 

Question 6. What is my Plan Z?

What if the absolute worst possible thing happened, what then? Would you starve to death? Or be forced to eat canned beans for a few months? Would you be evicted? Or be forced to move back in with your parents? Would you have to relocate? Or sell your belongings? Life has a knack of throwing unexpected curveballs which threaten to throw you off track. Plan Z faces fear head-on, helps you prepare for potential problems by providing you with options and multiple courses of action, as well developing your resilience and emotional fitness. 

Question 7. What now?

What will you do next? And after that? And then? Read these 21 motivational quotes that will inspire you to live a more amazing life. The reality is you don't have forever to do your big work. So if you don't like something, change it. Just don't settle. 

What can you do in the next 24 hours to change your current situation? Because if you aren't prepared to do something in the next 24 hours, then when?

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