Monday mantra: Like the wind I am free

like the wind i am free

The only way to be free, is to practice being free.

Freedom is one of my most important values and plays a critical role in my happiness, attitude and overall outlook on pretty much everything.

Over the last couple of weeks I've talked about the need to question everything, always and forever and that brilliant roar of freedom that arises from the heart, when you let go of the opinions of others. Because as cliched as it sounds, and as much as you hear it, life really is far too short and far too precious to be consumed by what other people think of you.

It's not about not caring. Of course I care what people think. I'm in the business of caring. It's about knowing which bits matter most, so I can decide where and how I expend my energies, and having enough emotional awareness to determine what kind of imprint I leave with each interaction. These choices are ALL within my control. 

Exercising choice is freedom. 

My truest version of freedom means having the ability to think, choose, feel and create, take risks, make mistakes and express yourself without, or despite, the fear of prejudice, suffering and reprimand. 

Being yourself without apology is freedom.

I also believe freedom means letting go of all the crap that weighs you down even if that means having to open yourself up to your deepest fears. Often the only way to achieve the extraordinary, to step into your greatness and to have any chance of fulfiling your personal potential, is to face your fears, flaws and self proclaimed falsehoods. We all have them. It's deciding what to do with them that counts.

Saying f*%k it to your fears is freedom.

And it means being comfortable in your own company, in the silence. Alone. Knowing you can always count on yourself and that you'll be ok. Sure it can be a scary thought but there is immesaurable power and liberation in that wisdom. 

Embracing your personal power is freedom.

Mostly, I think freedom means practicing being free. Every. Single. Day. By taking ownership of your thoughts and emotions and by honouring your values and wildest dreams, as well as engaging in the ordinary which means finding joy in the simple acts you do each day - be it preparing a meal, talking to a friend, or by slowly and earnestly inhaling the awe inspiring beauty of nature and exhaling it knowingly with a profound sense of eternal gratitude as you go on your next walk, hike or adventure.

Keeping you heart & mind open is freedom.

Imagine, if we all tried harder to live better ... really live ... not just trudge through the motions of each day, and we actually allowed ourselves to experience the millions of miracles that take place all around us and through us ... how freeing would that be?

What does freedom mean to you? How do you practice and honour it?

Before you go, leave a comment below. I'd love to know.