If you had a magic wand, would you change the world?

If you had a magic wand

It would be easy to think that changing the world would require a colossal effort and God-like powers, which would render the task impossible by default.

I mean, how on earth do you eradicate war, disease and poverty?

How do you provide the life sustaining basics of food, clean water, shelter and sanitation to everyone, everywhere?

Where do you start? Who needs to help you? How long would it take? The logistics alone would be enough to put any rational person into a tailspin. 

If I could change the world… I would:

Make nutritious food more affordable and accessible by keeping it local. I love this idea of community food boxes and helping farmers sell direct to the community.

Eliminate factory farming and all systemic cruelty. I love the work Animals Australia does in raising awareness and making it easy for everyone to get involved.

Provide every child access to an education. I love Adam’s story and his Pencils of Promise mission

Set up a network of safe drop-off centres for unwanted babies and children at risk giving parents under duress an alternative to hurting, dumping or killing their kids. I love this inspiring story about Pastor Jong-rak and his 'drop box'.

Create more play time. Seriously. Here are a few of the very real benefits of play for big kids.

Make hugs a thing. This dude gave it a go.

Get rid of guns from battlefields, near and far, and turn them into new tools for good. I love this recycling initiative in Mexico where 1527 guns were collected and melted, creating 1527 shovels which were used to plant 1527 trees.

And that's just for starters...

How you can change the world, for real...

  1. Identify what you are passionate about and care deeply for. 
  2. Chunk it down and be specific with what you CAN do. 
  3. Take the first step in the next 24 hours.

Let's say you want to tackle hunger. You can start by giving your time at a soup kitchen one night a week, or deliver food to the elderly, or make a sandwich for that guy you see on the street every day, or donate surplus food. That's just a few simple ideas to get you thinking. Specific, doable, and measurable.

Or, how about donating pre-loved business attire to help woman re-enter the workforce again, or for the first time, become financially independent and in doing so, provide their children with three square meals a day. I love organising clothes drives with friends and colleagues through Fitted For Work.

Again, it's specific, doable, measurable. 

The reality is you don't need a magic wand to feed someone, or start changing the world. You just need a little vision, passion, commitment and outside-the-box thinking.

So how about it?

What can you do in the next 24 hours to change the world?

Here's the thing, if you aren't prepared to do something in the next 24 hours, then when?

It's ok if you like the world just as it is - just don't use the it's too hard cry as an excuse to do nothing.

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