7 easy ways to recover to boost your performance and stay fresh

7 ways to stay fresh

You’ve heard that old adage work hard, play hard, you might even subscribe to it. But what about recovery? Are you just as dedicated to your recovery?

Did you know that recovery management is an essential part of an elite athletes performance strategy? So why shouldn’t it be a part of your performance strategy if you want to stay on top of your game? 

You might not have the skills (or desire) to be the next sporting sensation but that shouldn't stop you from looking to the best for their strategies so you can play your chosen game at an optimal performance level. 

Learning to slow down and recover properly + regularly is essential to managing and maximising your energy supplies and boosting your overall productivity and performance.

Try these on...

7 easy ways to recover to boost your performance + stay fresh:

1. Slooow down.

Technology has grown exponentially in the last 20-30 years enabling our lives to become faster bit by byte. The good news is you get to choose the pace at which you go, so shift gears + slow down. Take in the scenery and enjoy the life you’ve created or start creating a life you’ll enjoy.

2. Take a time-out when you are tired.

You’re smart enough to know when to call it a day, or night. Give yourself a break. Your body and brain will thank you for it! Switch off, turn in early and give yourself a day or two off from that thing you've been working on so you can come back with renewed vigour + drive.

3. Go to your happy place & shut the door behind you.

One of the best things about going to your happy place is not having to leave the room to get there.  And you don’t have to take anyone you don’t want with you. Your happy place can be anywhere that makes you feel good and smiling from within. It can be a destination, a desired future state, a particular environment or scenery, or being with a loved one who has passed, or anything in between.

4. Create weekly wellness habits.

Schedule time each week to do something that will aid your recovery, be it yoga, deep breathing, a leisurely stroll, light reading, a massage, going to the movies, a coffee with friends, a weekend escape, etc. Create wellness habits that will slow you down + build you back up again.

5. Improve your mindfulness manners.

Deepen your awareness by bringing your attention to this very moment, now. Let go of your thoughts + observe your surroundings for what they are, without judgment.

6. Upkeep your social connections.

Social connectedness is central to your wellbeing, humanity + overall longevity. PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE. Try to catch up with friends at least once a week. Check-in with family regularly, whoever your family may be. Never use time + distance as an excuse. Make the time, it will improve the quality of your life and might just lengthen its span.

7. Refuel.

Take stock of what you are shoving in the tank so you can start focusing on all the small positive changes you can make to refuel your life tank for better performance. (Less sugar, more green smoothies in my case.)

What will do to stay fresh throughout the year?


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