Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it?

Invite more magic into your life by becoming your own magician. Sparkles are optional.

Those who know me know I have a slight obsession with Dean Winchester, one-half of the oh-so-lovely-to-look-at brother fighting duo who kick demon ass on the hit show Supernatural. (And yes I do know he is a fictional character.)

Forget smoke and mirrors, potions and lotions and Dean Winchester for a moment.

Real magic needs none of that. 

Feeling and seeing magic is in the way you see the world. No superhuman powers required.

Magic is embracing change. Knowing you can create everything in your life.

Magic is believing in yourself. Knowing you can make anything happen.

Magic is keeping your heart & mind open. Knowing anything is possible.

How will you invite a little more magic into your day?

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