Are you living your LIFE PURPOSE – or still searching?

Have you figured out why you are on the planet yet? Or how you will serve the world? You know, what value you will bring to the big round table of life?

They are timeless questions asked by human beings the world over.

They are often seen as big + perplexing questions that constantly get lost in our over-committed and over-stimulated lives. But the answers are not as far away or as complicated as they may appear. 

The signs are everywhere if we’re willing to look AND listen.

They’re there in the things (and places) that make us happy and bring us joy. They’re there in our quirky interests + deepest passions. They’re there in all the things we do with ease (the stuff we tend to do on autopilot).

All we have to do is figure out how to read between the clues. And that starts with paying a little extra attention. 

If you haven't found yours yet, make finding your purpose, your purpose.

Here are 13 purpose-seeking questions to get you started:

  1. What makes you feel good about yourself?
  2. How do you like to spend your time?
  3. What do you daydream + fantasise about?
  4. What activities have heart + meaning for you?
  5. What motivates you?
  6. Does your current lifestyle reflect your values?
  7. Who inspires you? How come?
  8. What are you naturally good at?
  9. What do you believe in?
  10. What would you absolutely regret not doing in life?
  11. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
  12. If you could be doing absolutely anything you wanted, what would you be doing? 

  13. What do you want from your one + only precious life?

If you are struggling to connect the dots here are a few more resources I know will help:

100 questions to expand your awareness - put pen to paper and have a go.

Live Your Vision - a playful planning companion that sets the tone for a light-hearted approach to answering some of life's big questions. 

The Life Habit Self:Leadership Toolkit - a guided tour to understanding yourself better, so that you can create a life that has purpose + passion.

Remember this: you hold the keys to your life. No matter what.

So stay open to the signs. And stay open to new opportunities + challenges even when they make you squeamish and uncomfortable. Sometimes it's the shakiest of experiences that lead us to the most profound places. 

Sometimes the biggest challenge is deciding what kind of person to be + being that person.

Keep well, live well. 


What has been most valuable to you? Leave your comments below. I'd love to know!