Do your goals stand a chance?

Do you spend most of your time in a heightened sense of busyness, concocting whimsical goals for the future hoping by then that you’ll be ready to do something about it ... that you’ll finally have your shit together?

Sounds outrageous and, frankly, a little foolish. Yet I’m always surprised by how many people seem to lack having any significant and enticing long-term goals for themselves.

Most of us get the importance of goals yet 8 out of 10 people still say they lack meaningful goals in their life. I guess that means about 80% of us are haplessly cruising through life waiting to see what happens next

Sure, it’s incredibly seductive to daydream about how you want your life to be but you’ve got to be just as vigilant in setting goals to make those daydreams happen.

Here's a peek into some of the world’s most popular goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Get organised
  • Fall in love
  • Spend more time with family
  • Write a book
  • Travel the world
  • Start a blog
  • Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
  • See the northern lights
  • Live instead of existing
  • Start own business
  • Make a difference

Do you recognise any of your own goals in there? 

What can you do to set better goals and commit to them?

1. Create goals that matter & excite you. Don’t try to impress others, or fall victim to someone else’s expectations for your life. Your goals should be YOUR goals.

2.  Know your WHY. Getting clear on why you want what you want creates clarity and an ongoing source of inspiration and motivation.

3. Give your goals a backbone & structure. Write down what you want to achieve, by when. Break it down so that you know what you need to do. Focus on high value activities, making it easier to stay focused.

4. Go easy tiger. Pace yourself. Trying to do too much too quickly can be detrimental to your staying power + motivation, particularly if you haven't been realistic with your timeframes.

5. Reflect on your daily behaviour. Keep a diary to track your progress. Record your mental + emotional states, your intentions, successes, challenges, lessons learnt and what you can do differently tomorrow.  

6. 5-minutes a day keeps a wandering mind at bay. You get allocated 1440 minutes every day; invest 5 of those minutes reviewing your goals every day.

7. Hook up with an accountability buddy. Partner with someone who is equally committed to their goals. Set some basic ground rules around how + when you will support each other to keep momentum strong.

8. Create wellness habits to serve & support you. Your goals should compliment your everyday life, not take it over!  

9. Have lots of fun along the way. You're going to get it ridiculously wrong every so often, anyway. Be willing to learn and grow and laugh at yourself.

And know that it's OK to change your mind. You might not want the same things in one or two years from now. This is your lovely life. You get to influence the quality of it. 

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