Live like you mean it or die a miserable death

It's going to happen. To you. To me. To the ones we love. We're all going to die. Not before we've had long and impressive lives I hope.

As I reflect on the transitory nature of life once more with the recent passing of my uncle, I am reminded that ...

... to be alive is to be susceptible to pain + suffering.

... to be alive is to be receptive to pleasure + joy.

... to be alive is to dream (really big I hope).

... to be alive is to be grand + daring!

Life. It’s not some logical checklist. An orderly tick-list of things to do once you leave high school (i.e. uni, marriage, career, kids, mortgage).

It's brazen. It's beautiful. And it's oh so excruciatingly brief.

It's messy & random and will take your breath away a million different ways. And it's guaranteed to happen whether you're ready for it or not.

Life. It's yours to create.

But you’ve got to be willing to take full responsibility for it and the air you breathe.

You’ve got to be willing to tackle the reasons and excuses that hold you back, head on (all of them). 

You’ve got to be willing to stop wasting your time doing the things you know you don't enjoy (it costs you a little more every time you do).

You’ve got to be willing to find ways to embody your life + desires on a daily basis.You’ve got to be willing to find ways to be alive. To be daring and live like you mean it.

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