Feeling down on yourself? Here are 30 acceptable ways to kick your own ass

We've all had those moments when we get down on ourselves and let's real, it's going to happen some time again.

The next time it does, here are 20 practices you can turn to for support to soften the blow and kick back, your own ass that is, in the only acceptable way.  

1. Own it. 

The blame game is an easy one to play but not a very conducive one. The more you point your finger at someone or something as a ‘cause’ for the way you feel, the more you strip away your power. Take 100% responsibility for the way you feel - you always have a choice.

2. Accept shitty days will come and go.

Accept that you’ll have negative thoughts racing through your mind from time to time. You’re human, its bound to happen. Acknowledge your thoughts and let them pass through.

3. Move the spotlight.

One of the best remedies for ‘woe is me’ is to shift the spotlight away from you and onto someone else. Reach out to a friend or be present with whoever is in your company. Give someone the gift of your full and undivided attention.

4. Frock up.

Now is not the time for sweat pants. Make the extra, quite possibly gargantuan effort, to put something lovely on, finishing with a dab of bright lippy. Help lighten your disposition and look fabulous in the process.

5. Volunteer.

Find out what hospitals, nursing homes, shelters and community services exist in your area. Pick up the phone and call to find out how you can volunteer some of your time and perhaps even a specific skillset.

6. Don't look for greener grass.

No good comes from comparing yourself to others. The truth is you don’t know what happens behind someone else's glossy exterior. Comparison will steal your authenticity and rubbish your self-esteem. Create a life you love and be yourself.

7. If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept. Take the first step today, no matter how small.

8. Do more of what makes you happy, now.

Take a nap, go for a stroll, grab a coffee and people watch, curl up with a book, or anything in between. Do it today and make time for it tomorrow. Add more of the things you enjoy to your diary and treat them like you would any other essential appointment.

9. Practise positivity.

Be mindful of how you communicate and understand that the way you think and feel will dictate how you end up thinking and feeling. Pay attention to your response the next time someone asks you how you are. Positive peeps naturally attract our attention.

10. Try mindful breathing.

Try this quick and super simple 5-minute breathing meditation to help calm you down, reset and recharge. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Sit upright in a relaxed position. Inhale – take a deep breath in slowly though your nose (count to 5 silently). Exhale – breathe out through your mouth releasing all the air from your lungs (count to 8 silently). Empty your mind – let any thoughts wash over you and focus on your breathing. Repeat until the 5 minutes are up.

11. Dump the junk.

Get that junk out of your head and onto paper.  Free write whatever comes to mind and don’t censor yourself, until you've shaken all that $h*t out. Tackle only what you need to, ignore the rest, or burn the list. Be done with it.

12. Don’t bully on you.

Don’t accept needless criticism from anyone, especially yourself - you need to like you before others can. Imagine a big red STOP sign flying at you the next time you're about to go on one of your little terrorist rants.

13. Develop self-care rituals.

Start caring and nurturing yourself as much as you do others. Forget guilty pleasures, self-care is a necessity if you want to thrive and realise your greatest potential.

14. Shift your perspective.

Learn how to reframe your current situation and you will change your attachment to it. Drop the need to call it wrong or right and look at it with fresh eyes, what can you see differently?

15. Go on, take a hike.

Go outside and get amongst nature. Find the closest walking trail, beach, hill, lake, and take in the air, the view, and consciously connect with the earth. Breath it in.

16. Find the lesson and move on.

There’s a lesson here someone, find it and move on. If you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again ask yourself when enough will be, well and truly, enough. Mark it your diary and honour it.

17. Listen to uplifting music.

Listen to all your feel-good favourites. If you get the urge to tap your feet, sing, or shake your booty, don’t resist.

18. Escape a little.

See a movie - go online and book your seat before you change your mind. See the latest release or dig through your stash and pull out a couple of classics. Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, 10 Things I Hate About You anyone?

19. Feel instantly good.

Write down five cool things you really like about yourself. Now ask three friends to do the same. Read your list every time you need a pick me up.

20. Play with a puppy.

If you have a doggie you know just how hard it is to stay down and out for long with your little friend around. Let them comfort you.

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