What’s possible in your version of 2015?

There will never be a shortage of doubters, naysayers and killjoys waiting and prepared to pounce. They sit and wait, ready.

To tell you what should and shouldn’t be done. To convince you what can and can't be done.  

To eagerly express how hard it will be, how far fetched, improbable, or impossible your ideas and ambitions will seem. 

 Somewhere along the way, you will be inclined to believe them. You might even stop trying. Please don’t.

It's never ever a good idea to allow yourself to be bound and gagged by someone else's expectations and limitations. 

How can anyone else know what’s truly possible for you? And how will you ever know how far is too far if you don’t challenge your own boundaries and those around you? 

So as you start thinking about your aspirations for 2015, remember this:

  • You create your life moment to moment.
  • You make dreams a reality when you turn them into goals.
  • Practice toggling between concrete + abstract thinking.
  • Trust your intuition (more).
  • Be genuine and know what you (really) want.
  • Keep marching + never give up on what you (really) want.
  • Be kind to those around you.
  • Have fun – once you’re gone, you’re gone.

But before you ride off into the new sunset...

Here is a fun worksheet - 2014 at a glance - I created to help you reflect on the last 12 months.

Because it's important to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements and then let 2014 go, passing peacefully in the rearview mirror as you gear up for new adventures ahead.

What goals are you considering for 2015?

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