7 surefire ways to rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm

Enthusiasm - it’s the elixir of life. It’s the fire in your belly, the glee in your heart and the stirring in your spirit. It’s the magic sauce that makes everything a little sexier.

Would you describe yourself as the enthusiastic type? I’m not talking woo-woo stuff. I’m talking about your passion levels. 

I am the enthusiastic type. I get passionate working on new ideas and creating things, meeting new people and hanging out with interesting folks, and seeing someone unapologetically chase their dreams, or simply reconnect with them.

Whenever I am feeling the effect of enthusiasm – regardless of whose enthusiasm it is – I always feel energised, lighter and fully engaged.

Here are 7 surefire ways to rise up + attack the day with more enthusiasm:

1. Dig deep and discover who and what inspires you.

When was the last time you had a good dig beneath the surface and explored what inspires you? Think about the dreams you’ve abandoned and how it might feel if you started working toward them again. Or how about all the little things that heighten your emotions? Look at what motivates and moves you to take action and find ways to bring those things into your daily life. 

2. Give more of yourself (and then some). 

During your everyday interactions focus on ways you can give to others and not just on what you will get from them. Understand that with every interaction you have the power to add or subtract from the exchange. Don’t be afraid to give more of yourself – your time, your money, your heart and soul.

3. Adjust your communication.

Everything that comes out of your mouth sets the scene for the way you live your life. Think about the language you use and how it perpetuates your doubts and limiting beliefs. There’s a whole lot of charge behind the use of repeated words and phrases such as “I can’t” or “I should/shouldn’t”. Don’t forget about your non-verbal cues too - the way you hold yourself, your physical expressions, the tone in your voice and so on.

4. Say no to stuff that doesn't excite you.

It might seem like an obvious one but as you know yourself it's easy to get sucked into the misery trap of constantly making others happy - for a whole bunch of reasons. And let's not forget the wide sweeping phenomenon that is the 'fear of missing out' mentality. Compromise is a wonderful life skill to learn ... and so is being true to yourself. Practice putting more energy into the stuff that actually excites you.

5. Become and explorer of the world.

Inspiration is everywhere if you keep your heart + mind open to new perspectives and possibilities. Find a learning format you enjoy and continue to develop and evolve yourself, find a cause you believe in, meet your people, take up new hobbies, read more and travel as much as you can. There is so much out there for you to discover and get passionate about. 

6. Learn optimism.

You get to choose your general disposition just like you get to choose what you eat for breakfast every morning. Will you choose hopefulness over hopelessness? Positivity over negativity? Opportunity over fear? Extraordinary over ordinary? Everyday miracles over the mundane? Optimism doesn't take away bad days but it does help you push through and keep marching.

7. Hang out with enthusiastic people.

Newsflash! Enthusiastic people hang around other enthusiastic people - they feed off each other’s get-up-and-go vibe. Start by seeking them out in your own personal + professional networks. Observe their behaviour, language and overall outlook on life and emulate until you find what feels right for you. 

What's one thing you can do right now to invite more enthusiasm into your life?

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