The ABCs to greater, fuller, deeper happiness

Encouraging a greater, fuller deeper sense of happiness starts with ABC.

A is altruism

When you are being kind and charitable to others it’s hard to stay stuck in your own self absorbed misery.

B is for belief. 

Your level of unwavering self-belief will determine your level of success in life. Back yourself and play a bigger game.

C is for conscious consumption. 

You have a choice over every thing you consume - know where you stand, what you believe in, who you will and won’t support with every hard earned penny.

D is for downshifting. 

Escape excessive materialism, the rat race and the all-consuming pursuit of financial success in favour of a simpler life with a focus on your most important life goals and personal fulfilment.

E is for engaged. 

Be fully engaged in all aspects of your life, from the extraordinary to the mundane. For as long as you are alive, commit to being alive. 

F is for focused. 

You need to be super focused if you want to get anything worthwhile done. If you want to succeed, focus on one important goal at a time with single-minded care and commitment.

G is for greatness. 

Figure out what you excel in and BE great at it. It’s better to do one thing exceptionally well thing than be mediocre at everything. Spend time each day refining what you’re good at. 

H is for health. 

Own your health. Book your regular checks-ups. Eat more of the food that looks as close to the way nature intended. Bust out a sweat once a day. Deposit more time into your sleep bank. 

I is for inspiration. 

Inspiration is everywhere if you tune in and look around. Use it to build the foundation of your vision and as a tool to motivate and move you into action.

J is for joy. 

Only you can work out what brings you pure unadulterated joy and when you do, do a lot more of it. Without joy there can be no room for beauty in your life.

K is for keeping your heart & mind open. 

Fresh perspectives, possibilities and opportunities happen as you drop your rigid thoughts and behaviours.

L is for laughter. 

All the clichés about laughter are true so be sure to indulge more in whatever it is that makes you laugh. Out loud.

M is for meditation. 

Meditation is the quickest shortest way to balance, focus, relaxation, inner tranquility and mindfulness. Make it a non-negotiable daily practice. 

N is for network. 

Take your time to build, expand and nurture your connections regularly, not just when you need something.

O is for optimism. 

There is no such thing as a great life without optimism, enthusiasm, positivity and hope. It is part of the human condition. Look for ways to invite more of these qualities into your day-to-day life.

P is for Pura Vida. 

Everything is good, life is beautiful, go with the flow, surrender to what is, let things go, enjoy your life. A beautiful variation on a traditional Costa Rican expression that sums up life rather effortlessly. Try it as a mantra.

Q is for quiet. 

Nothing enhances creativity, improves clarity, reduces stress and deepens your levels of inner peace more than the quieting of the mind. Sit quiet and discover your truth within.

R is for risks. 

What are you prepared to risk in your quest for personal fulfilment? Be willing to take on more, or greater, smarter risks, even when there are no guarantees, or you might fail. 

S is for showing up. 

A lot of the time, half the battle is just showing up. If you say you are going to show up somewhere or do something, do it. Don't flake out, it's damaging to your character and probably your mental state.

T is for travel. 

Travel is not so much a luxury as it is a necessity – it’s fuel for the heart, mind and spirit. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as often as you can. 

U is for uniqueness. 

What you have and what you offer, only the way you know how, is the key to leaving the world in better condition than you found it. Find a way to honour your uniqueness. 

V is for vitality. 

It is the lifeline that helps you live and keep on living. Keep it flowing.

W is for wild ambition. 

Since you are here choose to do something remarkable with your life, otherwise what’s the point? It’s a billion times better to fail trying your darndest then it is failing to launch.

X is for X marks the spot. 

Look to local and global issues that impact you on some deeper level. Look to the people and things that beg for your impassioned reaction. They are all signals, like an X making the spot, that will lead you to your higher purpose.

Y is for you. 

Invest in your personal growth and development. Understand your values. Decide what a life of excellence means to you and operate from that standard. 

Z is for zany. 

Make room for a little weirdness and nuttiness in your life to stop you from taking yourself sooo seriously.

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