Practising gratitude (Part 2): 3 powerful lessons in gratitude

Here are three powerful perspectives to make you rethink what matters most.

Video 1. An experiment in gratitude

When did you last stop to appreciate what and who matters most to you? Check out this brilliant social experiment carried out by the good folks at Soul Pancake.

Video 2. A lesson in wisdom and looking where it is good 

Anthony Robbins talks with 108-year old Alice Herz-Sommer, the world's oldest survivor of Hitler's holocaust who he says: “experiences more joy in an average day than most people experience in a lifetime, she's a testament to what the human spirit can accomplish and overcome.”

3. The 3 keys of life to unlock your happiest life

Jane Ransom shares her 3 keys of gratitude: emote, extend, and exercise. Hear Jane share her touching and personal stories of gratitude and the research-backed power of a simple exercise called the “three blessings” (see below on how it works).

How the three blessings works:

At the end of the day think of three good things that happened, write them down and reflect on why they happened. Research suggests that committing consistently to this exercise for two weeks will improve your level of happiness. What have you got to lose?

What action will you take to nurture your attitude of gratitude?

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